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10 Reliable Summertime Activities For Your Charges

10 Reliable Summertime Activities For Your Charges

Many parents send their kids to camps during the summer, but there are plenty of families who prefer to hire nannies or childcare workers to watch their children while they are at work. And at the same time, parents want their nannies to do productive activities with the kids; they don't want them sitting at home all day and watching television or them playing on their iPhones or iPads the entire time! 

With that said, if you are a nanny or childcarer you will want to be aware of these 10 reliable, failsafe activities to keep your charges over the summer! Let's get started!


1. Spending Refreshing Time Outdoors At The Park

If you don’t know already, it is always a good idea to ask the parents where the nearest parks are and to take the children there. The kids can play on the playground, relax outdoors with toys or books, or even plan a picnic for lunch. It is best to not spend more than an hour or two, and if the sun is strong, recommended to stay there for a half hour or so. It is also essential to remember to always make sure that the kids are wearing hats to protect them from UV rays. Additionally, the children will need to have sunscreen applied that is at least 15 SP. 

If you are taking infants under 6 months of age to the park, then they need to sit in a shaded area as babies that young cannot wear sunscreen. They must also be clothed comfortably. 

2. Arts and Crafts